About AMPlify

AMPlify is the creation of Allie Prescott, or AMP, a college student based in Washington, DC. When not studying or working, she can be found listening to, writing about, reading about, or playing music.

AMPlify isn’t about staying on top of every single new release. Nor is it about finding obscure music before it was cool. It’s just about good music, much of which holds some sentimental value and may come to be equally important to others. On AMPlify you’ll find playlists, artist profiles, album reviews, concert reviews, and more – all with a slightly personal, down-to-earth twist.

You can follow AMP on Twitter @thatalliegator on Instagram at @allie_prescott.

The opinions on this blog are those of Allie Prescott. Unless otherwise noted, they are not representative of any institution or organization with which she has been or is currently affiliated.


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